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Beta v1.0

For a school project, I made a video game. I love making video games, ever since I discovered scratch I made games. This is probably my biggest project ever, I tried to make a whole JRPG by myself. I love platformer games like mario, and I love JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games), so I decided to try and combine the genre. This game is 100% free to anyone who wants to play it, because it is still in development. One of the reasons I put this game out for free was so that people could help find bugs. If you download the game and find a bug, please let me know in the comments below. I really hope that you enjoy this short little game.

Install instructions

Make sure that you have a windows computer before downloading!

Download the Numbers 1-600 file, and open the ZIP. After that take out the .exe file, and double click it. All save data will automatically be made. The game will autosave your money and EXP after you beat an enemy, but not location through the level. Since you can try to play any level regardless of how far you are in the plot, the game will only save after beating an enemy, because after you beat a level there is nothing to save.

(The game will also save your money after any changes to the amount of money you have are made (like purchasing an item))


Numbers 1-600 BETA v1.0.zip 34 MB

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