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Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were the only person running a boat? In this game you have to run an entire boat all by your self for 10,001 meters! This is a short resource real time strategy game, where you get to play short mini-games to do actions like add coal into the boat or eat food.

Glitches and how to fix them:

-Sometimes when you start a level you will be in the dining hall. Just traverse through the dining hall normally and everything will be good.

-Sometimes when you start a level your rock warning will be at green instead of blue, and will not change. This just mean that the animation got stuck on green. Since the game auto-saves after you beat a level, the best option would be to restart the app.

Install instructions

You need a windows computer to play this game. Just double click the .exe file to run the game. All save data will automatically be created.


10,001 Meters on a Boat.zip 49 MB

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